Surfing at Sunset

The performance kicks off with “Surfing at Sunset.” In the 1980s I was a passionate windsurfer myself. I learned to surf at the Eyhausen yacht school on the Zwischenahner Meer, right next to the studio of Puck Steinbrecher, whom I watched in fascination as he painted in the shop window.

Do you recognize this picture?

It’s the last picture from the making-of movie where I showed how I make my canvases from the two old sails.

You can still see the seams very clearly. They will almost disappear later in the picture. The small crack later becomes the mast.

Behind the light of the sun there is always the darkness of the universe. That’s why I always use a gray background for sunrises and sunsets.

Now the fading light lies over the darkness of the universe, which will soon surround this night as well.



But before the sun sets, the surfer must reach the saving shore.

Of course, this is only possible on the water and in the residual light of the sun.