Almond blossom

Dr. Barbara-Bartels-Leipold during the opening of the exhibition in Beniarbeig.

Who does not know it: the famous Spanish almond blossom. Some trees begin their fragile beautiful natural spectacle already in December, when there is still snow in Germany.

It is still winter, which can be cold even on the Costa Blanca. It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve also seen frost with hoar frost and ice on water puddles here, 5 km from the Mediterranean Sea.

With the first rays of sunshine also appear the first buds. This, of course, like in nature, become the flowers.

More and more buds open their flowers.

Finally, a few green leaf buds follow. These open in many fruit trees only when the flowering is almost over. After all, almonds are not nuts, but drupes. That is why they bloom just like cherries or apricots and not like walnuts or hazelnuts.