The Galleon Andalucía visits Denia

Dr. Barbara-Bartels-Leipold during the opening of the exhibition in Beniarbeig.

Proud and majestic, the Galleon Andalucía lies in the port of Denia in front of the magnificent backdrop with the Montgó and the Castillo. The painting is currently hanging in my current exhibition at the theater in Beniarbeig.

The special feature: of course, this old piece of sail again has an original liek. But the sail also had a tear with an original seam. There the bow of the Andalucía is created.

The shell of the ship is finished and the first buildings are being erected.

More shells are emerging and also the sihouettes of the yachts.

The windows are installed, palm trees are planted and the lights are put up.

Then rigging is done, the sails are folded, the wood of the hull gets its grain and the ship’s bell is hung.

The last thing is the light reflections on the water, the ship lighting and the scattered light of the large street lamps.

The Andalucía was recently in Germany for the Maritime Days in Bremerhaven like many other traditional ships, including the Grand Duchess Elisabeth from Elsfleth on the Weser. With the “Lissi” I was in 1991 as a crew member three weeks on Scandinavia trip up to the Åland Islands. There we saw the beginning of the reconstruction of SV Linden from 1920. The 3-masted schooner is the largest wooden schooner in Europe and was built to sail in cold waters and withstand the sea ice around Spitsbergen.