MAR Y MÁS – Sea & More

Just in time for the meteorological beginning of autumn on September 1, Angela Weidner and I opened our exhibition at the theater in Beniarbeig.

Among other things, scenes from Mediterranean life in Spain can be seen under the title “MEER & MEHR”. It is worth visiting not only the exhibition, but also the wonderful village of Beniarbeig.
The exhibition will be open during the events in September on 2nd from 7pm, 16th from 7pm, 21st from 7:30pm, 30th from 7pm, and October 01 from 11:30am.

Anyone who visits the exhibition after looking at the poster with the two pictures on an almost black background will be surprised. There are not only moments to see at night, but also moments during the day with bright blue and turquoise.

Of course, the Spanish national colors red and yellow and the motifs that probably everyone thinks of first when dreaming of Spain: flamenco, toros and toreros.



Spain without its beaches would not be Spain, of course. So the short excursion to the Greek island of Santorini is forgiven. And finally, the Aegean Sea is the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, which connects all the riparian areas.

In the next few days I will present you my pictures from the current exhibition at the Teatro-Auditorio in Beniarbeig a little closer.