Castillo de Denia

It all started with these minis.

On the left, the first and smallest picture (11 x 11 cm) on self-made painting cardboard from the cuttings of an originally almost 50 square meter sail.

On the right, the midi format (15 x 15 cm) on used canvases that I painted over.

Do you recognize this canvas?

It’s the Black Beauty from the making-of film where I showed how I make my canvases from the two old sails. She had to wait six months, primed and ready, for this moment.

All small and large Denia paintings have in common that they are painted on black primer.

Perhaps even a bit in historical order arises first the castle hill, then the Castillo and later the silhouette of the city and the colorful stalls at the port.

The first windows are being installed and the ships have also moored.



When the houses are finished, the green areas with the palm trees follow and the most important thing of all: the light and its reflections in the water.

After a seemingly endless number of brushstrokes, it stands majestically: the Castillo at the harbor of Denia.